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So…this little lady made my day last week.

Such a pleasure to meet Charlotte and her gorgeous siblings who adore her.


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Brisbane | Newborn Photographer | Family Photographer

Little Leo…who I may just have a soft spot for.

Meet Leo, his family, including his very proud big brother.

This is the first session I set up for in my own home. It may take some tweaking, but at least I have the option if my families don’t feel comfortable doing a session in their own home, or home is not suitable. It was an interesting exercise for me, lots of fun.

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Brisbane | Newborn Photographer | Family Photographer

Ahh meet little Theo, who slept for almost his whole session. Such a beautiful, much loved darling boy.

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Brisbane | Newborn Photographer

This little man looked exactly like his big brother as a baby. Just so familiar, lots of beautiful dark hair and handsome, so handsome.

Meet Jackson…

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Brisbane | Birth Photography | Student Doula

So yes I have started my Doula Studies and I love it. Right up my alley and I think my clients are really going to appreciate having both the skills of a Doula and Photographer in one person. I have to think about how my time will be spent during the birth and what my priorities will be…but what I have learned so far is, it will all be up to the Parents and what kind of support they are looking for. So I have tried not to busy my mind about those things. It will all work out and the clients that connect with me, will come my way. I look forward to the journey I get to take with them.

This is a short note as I just wanted to mention that in the coming months I will be looking for two couples or single parent to take on to complete my studies. I hope to finish in the next year. To do this, I need to study my toosh off but also sit an exam, submit an assignment and support at least two mothers/couples through birth.

So if you are interested in this opportunity please get in touch.

I am looking to support you through prenatal, birth and postnatal period. It will be a wonderful learning experience for me and hopefully for you too. But please also know this is not my first birth. I have attended 7 births as a photographer, often taking on other roles as demanded. I have developed my knowledge of pregnancy, birth and babies over the last number of years through my own journey and that of those around me. So drop me a line and have a chat…happy to talk. Everyone needs something different from a Doula, if i can help, I certainly will.

Surprisingly a lot of people still do not know what a Doula is…so I will have to explain more in my next post. I love my birth photography, but this will be an exciting addition to what I do.

x Jodie

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Ok so I have made the final changes to my prices. Thank you to all who contributed your views to help me work out the best options for all.

Yes I specialise in Maternity | Birth | Newborn! But I have included some Baby and Family options there for you too for when my schedule allows. My priority will always lie with the bubbas, but I am starting to do more of the other as my littlest clients have grown, so too has my portfolio.  Whats not to love, becoming a part of their lives, they have become a part of mine. When I DO get the chance to do family sessions, we have a lot of fun…and I have a lot more fun trying to keep up with all the moving people 🙂


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Lauren | Brisbane Maternity Photographer

Oh it has been a warm summer, well not too bad for the most part but today we felt a little warmer ;). Lauren you look absolutely stunning. I could not wait to photograph your freckles! I looove freckles! Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me. And thank you to your boys for giving you a free afternoon so we could treasure and photograph your blooming bump. Not long now and I am ultra excited for this little one.

Stay rested and hope you get some time to sit and ‘be’ before bubs says hello.  Jo x

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Little William | Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Oh this cherub had me gazing at him. Such a handsome boy. Huge congratulations to his family and welcome little man.

Dear William, It was a sunny and hot day the day I met you and you were a little older than the babies I generally photograph, but that didn’t stop us, we got down to it and managed to document all your deliciousness.  You did so well! I thought I may have my work cut out for me but no, you were perfect. Such a pleasure to meet you. ox Jo

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Test post

JoJoy Photography has turned one and with that…a little face lift.

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