Maternity Photography

  • How far a long do I need to be?
    • Well this is ultimately up to you however please consider a time that you are both most comfortable with also a blooming bump. Even so I will no doubt be asking you to push that belly out in any case…photographs can hide your bump a little. So we want a blooming bump! Approximately 28-36 weeks
  • Can my husband or other children be in any maternity shots?
    • Yes of course, if they would like to be, they are more than welcome. The choice of a lifestyle session may be perfect for this.

Birth Photography

  • I don’t want any pictures of the messy stuff.
    • You can ask for whatever makes you comfortable. I am not there to add stress and something else for you to manage. I will take tasteful and personal shots through out the day/night and I can show you these images in black and white or colour. Black and white birth images are stunning and they can hide a few aspects too and are forgiving of blood and varied skin tones, shocking hospital lights.
  • The hospital won’t let us have more than…so many people in the room. They are not keen on a photographer and have certain rules you must follow.
    • This is fine and it is something you have to check before you book me. I need to respect their wishes too and will follow any rules they have. I have noticed in some cases parents can be discouraged. If this is something you want, this is your day and if you would like to capture it then you should. I am happy to work to keep both parties happy and I am very respectful to the events unfolding.
  • What if I decide at the time I don’t want any photos taken?
    • This is fine and only a small fee will be applied if I have already arrived at the hospital to cover my travel and time. But this is ok. If you would like me to leave the room for a short period of time- this is fine too. I am there to enhance your experience, not to burden you with an obligation.
  • I don’t want a paparazzi at the birth of my child.
    • Oh boy, I wouldn’t either…I will be as visible or as invisible as you would like. I do not use a flash or additional lighting during the labour and apart from the quiet shutter sound which you will most likely not even hear, you will barely notice I am there. I try to make the most of the environment we find ourselves in.
  • I want you to record it ALL, I want to remember it all.
    • Then I will do everything in my power to do that for you. My style is very journalistic and I will document your birth as I see it and all the beauty that unfolds. I have no issues with being in a position of best view. I have had a most clients want crowning shots, however a couple have wanted things captured more discretely.
  • What if you don’t make it to the birth in time?
    • I am afraid there is not a lot I can do about this. I will do everything in my power to make it to the hospital in time but your baby will have more of a say about this. You will only be charged my travel fee. Just try to give me as much notice as possible to ensure my best chance of being there. I try to be there from about 5cm onwards for established labour. However some clients have opted for entire coverage from the early stages at home, the trip to the hospital and at the hospital. I am also happy to be at a home birth.
  • What if the the birth goes for a long time?
    • Don’t worry about these things. When you go into labour you call me, I will sort out and shuffle things my end and then I will make my way there, when you would like me to be there. I will stay with you for the whole experience and if things totally stop then you can let me know what you would like me to do… I can go home and come back.
  • But I don’t know you.
    • For birth photography it is really important that we meet. We need to discuss your expectations and your desires so that we are on the same page for the day of the birth. This is very important. I have my style but more importantly this is when you need to tell me the no go moments and a little bit more about you and your family. Most importantly you need to feel comfortable with me.
  • What if something goes wrong?
    • This is a hard question and I have had first hand experience of the heartache you feel when things don’t go to plan. This can happen, and all the more reason to have me there. Birth is beautiful and stunning and all these things, but it is also real life and it can be unpredictable too sometimes. Having a photographer with you will make sure you have no regrets and you will have images of the day to cherish. Again if you would like me to leave the room, this is fine but also understand you may not want me to miss a moment. You will want to remember welcoming your baby into the world no matter what the circumstances. Sorry if this frightens or offends, but there are many beautiful loving mothers and fathers out there who have experienced very special births of all different kinds and they wished they had more photos to remember the moments.

Newborn Photography

  • My baby still has the umbilical cord attached.
    • Please don’t worry about this. It is a part of who they are and the stage they are at. It is a beautiful symbol of their connection to you. But if it really worries you then there are many shots that can be taken to hide this area.
  • My baby’s skin is dry and flaky, and covered in pimples.
    • This is very normal and very easy to manage. There are things that can be done to help. For flaky skin it can be helpful to either just leave it as is or to give a nice massage of pure oil before the shoot…even coconut oil is beautiful or olive oil. Coconut oil smells divine.  Just remember they have had the protection of amniotic fluid for nine months…and now out in the open air their skin is adjusting. Photoshop can also be helpful. I generally tidy up the eyes before a shoot and then any distracting pimples etc that would not be there in 2 weeks time, I remove in post processing.
  • My baby is unsettled and won’t be very sleepy
    • We work around bubs. Your baby will ultimately determine the day but we will do everything we can to help bub settle.
  • We have visitors coming
    • This is fine and they can watch on quietly if they like but please bare in mind that for the sake of a few hours…you get to put your feet up and we can have uninterrupted time to capture your babies tiny features. They are not this small forever and you only get this chance once. If you can keep the days events as quiet as possible, this would be helpful and beneficial to the shoot and your images. Planning for your guests to arrive near the end of the shoot would be perfect. We don’t want to be rushed.
  • Can we have images of the siblings with our new baby.
    • Sure. Please also keep in mind that it is a sensitive time welcoming a newborn into your home and young siblings are usually trying to adjust. I will do everything I can to capture a moment of your children together…however at this time, I have noticed on a few occasions it can be challenging 🙂