Love xx


Feedback | If you would like to leave feedback on your experience of having me at the birth of your baby I would be so grateful. Please email me at and I will be able to post your comments here for other parents to read. Thank you for choosing me to be at the birth of your baby.


 Eliza’s Caboulture Hospital Birth Day |

I just want to say the biggest thank you to the gorgeous Jodie for the amazing package I received this morning.
The photos are absolutely gorgeous – from the maternity shoot, to the birth and then the newborn – you’ve captured every stage so wonderfully.
Then, it’s the little extra touches, from the note with your experience of my birth journey, right through to how the photos were packaged, just amazing.
Words can’t express how grateful I am for the work you’ve done, and how glad I chose you to capture my birth experience. You are incredibly talented Jo, thank you! xx- from FB comments

JoJoy Reply- Oh sweet lady, thank you so much!! It was an honour and a pleasure to be there for you all through such a special time. I feel very humbled. Much love, light and gratitude. xoxo


Arya’s Mater Mother’s Birth Day |

Wow, Jodie! These photos are absolutely beautiful. We were so lucky to have you jump on board at such short notice. We are eternally grateful! You are such a gorgeous person…Thank you for sharing our special day with us, as long and tiring as it was S, S and A xxx- from FB comments.

“Jo’s presence added a warm energy to Arya’s birthing day.  It was like having another family member with us.  She was there from 8am until 11pm! She went above and beyond her ‘role’ as photographer in Arya’s birth. We had a bit of a rocky finish to our journey of pregnancy and we couldn’t haven’t been more blessed with having Jo and her calming energy with us.  She is such a beautiful person and has an innate ability to capture precious memories.”

JoJoy Reply- Aww bless you and thank you. You have been truly beautiful people and such an honour to meet. Thanks for having me. Xx I will remember that day for a long time to come xx


 Mikey’s Brisbane Birth Centre Birth Day |

“A very special lady for such a personal fly on the wall photo shoot.

A bit apprehensive when first discussing the subject of having our birth experience recorded by another in the room, but knowing Jodie’s character in advance, we quickly felt totally at ease with her presence and on this subject.
That gave us the comfort needed for when in the birth centre at the RBH.
Quite emotional even writing this (husband) as remembering just how totally non intrusive, yet totally supportive and positive Jodie’s presence was, and that’s before considering the fact she was taking pictures.
Choosing the right person for such an event to me is crucial, and Jodie was simply brilliant, right temperament, style and personal yet professional, though I don’t quite know how to express what she has beyond that. Perhaps her warmth, softness, respect for us and our journey through this moment, yet ability to subtly capture a hundred ultra special moments throughout the birth. A special person for a special experience, and wow how much we appreciate those beautiful images captured and were able to print these high quality images and have them proudly on our bedroom wall and to share some with close family and friends.

Jodie is a rare gem totally suited to capture this moment in your life.

Shivers go through my body as I write this, thinking of both the birth experience and now the images we see every day in our home are the most precious we have.”
-Trevor and Helen

JoJoy Reply- Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful day of welcoming your little boy. It was a very special day for me too, you both did a tremendous job… a wonderful little team. Mikey is so very lucky to have chosen you both as his parents. Words can not express how much it meant to be there. Thank you. xx