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I personally believe in a mothers right to birth where and how she chooses. I trust a woman’s intuition to feel safe and secure and I encourage you to gather a support network around you that will care for and support you responsibly, with love and knowledge in birth. I believe your birth must be your own and I support all mothers and all their choices to birth how they see fit.

The following links and resources are ones that either myself or clients have found helpful over the years. x


Books |

Buddhism for Mothers | LOVE this book and can not recommend it highly enough. Not overly religious but peaceful and nurturing for the soul with wonderful perspectives on handling the stresses and adventures of not only parenthood but also life. Everyone I have lent this to has enjoyed the easy read.

Spiritual Midwifery | Beautiful bible on birth. Even if some sections are not for you…Wonderful book full of information and education on birth and your birthing body written by Ina May Gaskin. Very empowering.

Well Adjusted Babies | A great and very educational book for pregnancy, birth and babies. Not just for chiropractic views, but holistic support and education for the birthing mother…and father. Great book. Their website below. Very respectful views.


Doulas | Birth Support can not be under estimated. x

Suzanne Foxwell At Egg Doula, “Hi Friends! My name is Suzanne. I’m a Doula from the glorious Gold Coast Hinterland in Sunny Queensland. I support women and families from Brisbane in the North, Redlands in the East, Tweed in the South and Beaudesert in the West. I believe in women and their ability to birth their babies!” I have worked alongside Suzanne at a birth and I can say she was a beautiful support to the family welcoming their new baby.

Doula and Hypnobirthing Courses Brisbane

Juliana Holmes- Please contact me if you need Jules details, she is a beautiful mumma, doula and friend. I am honoured to recommend her, and have her as my back up.


Placenta Encapsulation | Has been shown to provide lots of nutritional benefits to mum and bubs. Worth looking into.

Queensland Encapsulation services and Doula List A list of Queensland Doulas and Encapsulation services.


Birthing Education | Knowledge in your body is power 😉

Gold Coast | Birth Choices A resource for birth education and support.


Websites of Interest |

International Birth Photographers Association

First Light Birth Photography- NZ A fabulous photographer i follow in NZ. Her images will no doubt inspire and

The Birthing Site A Birth choice resource.

SANDS A wonderful group/support available to bereaved parents that have suffered the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death. They have a large library of books, offer listeners, support meetings and one on one support.

Maternity Coalition Gold Coast A facebook page for birth choices and support.

Gold Coast Friends of Birth Centre A facebook page for supporters of the Birth Centre at the Gold Coast, a great little community of support.

Friends of Birth Centre Queensland A facebook page for supporters of the Birth Centre at the Gold Coast, a great little community of support.

Sunshine Coast Midwifery A facebook page  for pregnancy and childbirth services on the Sunshine Coast.

Well Adjusted Babies Website A very informative and respectful site with great information on pregnancy, birth, babies and the growing family in regards to holistic health and well-being.

The Business of Being Born They also have a facebook page and community.

Blissful Herbs A Melbourne based Doula has a page here of beautiful healing herbs for both mum and baby for healing after birth. Herbs for postnatal peri care and healing of bruising, discomfort, cuts and grazes. Beautiful petals and herbs for your baby’s first bath. Absolutely stunning in photographs too 😉 but wonderful to leave your new baby’s naturally protected skin as long as possible before a herbal bath.